How to Apply your Adore Press-ons?

#1: Preparation

STEP 1: Gently push the edges of the nails with the manicure stick to remove excess cutin.

STEP 2: Gently buff your nail surface with the nail buffer provided.

STEP3: Wipe your nail surface completely using the alcohol-cleansing pad provided.


#2: Choose Adhesive tabs VS. Glue

Option 1: Adhesive tabs (Temporary wear: up to 3-5 days)

STEP1: Choose the adhesive tabs that are a little bit smaller than your nail beds in size.

STEP2: Stick them on the surface of your nail about 1mm from the back edge of the nails.

STEP3: Press on top of the plastic film and spread the tab edge all over your nail beds using the flat end of the manicure stick.

STEP4: Remove the plastic film.

Option2: Intensive glue (Extended wear: up to 3 weeks)

STEP1: Apply the intensive glue on the bottom 1/3 area of your press-ons

#2: Press on!

STEP1: Slowly press down your Adore Press-ons in 45-degree angle starting from the base of your nail beds. Squeeze out all the air and press for 20 seconds.

*Tips: Try to avoid contact with water within 3 hours after application, the is the KEY to extend the wearing time for both the Adhesive Tab and Intensive Glue!!!